Franchising Abortion in India?

According to the European pro-life movement One of Us, “Big Government, Big Porn, Big Pharma, and Big Money” are partnering to make abortion saleable in India. The article begins:

Think of franchises, and McDonald’s or Starbucks springs to mind. But how about franchising clinics that do abortions . . . ? The population control movement has thought of this too. In the developing world, so-called “reproductive health clinics” are spreading like fast food chains in America through a network of organizations that want abortion . . . readily available . . .

This deserves our investigation. For the full article, click here.


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One thought on “Franchising Abortion in India?

  1. “এ বিশ্বকে এ-শিশুর বাসযোগ্য করে যাব আমি- নব জাতকের কাছে এ আমার দৃঢ় অঙ্গীকার ।”

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