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Viswakamal means “lotus of the world”. A lotus represents something very pure within. We believe that if we strive, guided by the purity within us, the whole world can be a pure, luminous and beautiful place to live in.

Ujjwal Ghosh is secretary of the Viswakamal Welfare Society. All posts are by Ujjwal unless otherwise mentioned. The purpose of the Viswakamal Welfare Society is to speak out for the born and unborn children of India, and to assist their parents.

Since December 2013, the Viswakamal Welfare Society has conducted a campaign of postering. Our members have distributed leaflets. We have conducted a photo exhibition. We are having an impact. Click here to read the story of a baby girl saved from abortion.

With your financial help, we can do much more. We want to run ads on the Metro TV channel and on FM radio, to tell everyone in West Bengal about the value of unborn life. If you can help with a donation of Rs. 500 (or $10) or more, please write to our email address below, or phone Ujjwal Ghosh at the below phone numbers.

We need your suggestions as to how to improve our work. Please give your suggestion as a Reply below, or write to our email address.


The Viswakamal Welfare Society is registered with the government of West Bengal, India.


Contact: Write to us at viswakamal.ws@gmail.com, or phone Ujjwal Ghosh at 9883242052 or 9862384579. (From outside the Kolkata area, prefix with”0″. From outside India, prefix with “91″.)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ViswakamalWelfareSociety

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