What Is Abortion?

In order to talk about abortion, especially to discuss the questions Is it moral? and Should it be legal?, we have to know what abortion is.

Here is an unborn baby after 10 weeks of growth in the womb:

unborn child at 10 weeks, in amniotic sac

This baby is still in its amniotic sac. This particular baby was not aborted unnecessarily, but had to be removed from its mother because of her cancer.

Here is an unborn baby at 6 weeks. It already has fingers and toes:

unborn child at 6 weeks, in amniotic sac

unborn child at 6 weeks, in amniotic sac

Usually when babies at these stages are aborted, the technique is to rip them apart with vacuum aspiration. Thereafter their hands and feet can still be seen, but everything else has become like soup due to the powerful suction.

When babies at later stages are aborted, however, their bloody corpses are much more shocking to look at. Often they have been torn apart limb from limb while still alive, and they look just like a born baby that has been torn apart limb from limb. (This is known as a D&E abortion.)

It is shocking to look at, but those who want to fully understand what abortion is should look. Remember, it will be shocking. When you are ready to look, click here.

The image is of the victim of an abortion performed at 20 weeks, about 5 months. (Abortions are legal in some circumstances in India, at up to 20 weeks, but most abortions in India are done illegally. So some abortions are probably done at even later than 20 weeks. In 7 countries of the world including China, abortions are legal even up to the moment just before birth.)

The image is courtesy of Created Equal. For more images on their website, of victims of abortions performed at up to 6 months, click here.

At the earlier stages, as mentioned, abortion may not appear so shocking, because the only recognizably human parts that remain are the hands and feet. But it is not really the appearance of abortion that is most shocking. The most shocking thing about abortion is that some human beings have taken away the life of another human being when it is small and defenceless.

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