Awareness Campaign in West Bengal

On December 27 an unborn-child awareness campaign of posters, banners and leaflets began in West Bengal. A Facebook page will soon be launched, and ads in newspapers and on the Kolkata Metro’s TV channel are being planned. There will be both Bengali and English versions of the posters, banners and leaflets.

Ujjwal Ghosh postering in Kolkata

Ujjwal Ghosh postering in Kolkata

One of the present English posters:

“Deep in our hearts, we all love the unborn.”

At the surface level of our thoughts, most people may not love the unborn, because “Out of sight, out of mind.” The unborn baby is hidden deep inside the mother, and even if we could see within, that baby necessarily starts out microscopically small. But the most striking thing about that first microscopic cell is that it is changing at every moment. At ten weeks the baby looks like this:

(This is a baby still in its amniotic sac. This particular baby was not aborted unnecessarily, but had to be removed from its mother because of her cancer.)

Deep inside, we all understand the meaning of that rapid change: we understand that even at the single-cell stage, the organism is nothing but a packet of biological urge — an urge to grow big, come out of its mother, learn to throw a ball, go to school and make friends. It is a person beginning its life in the only way possible to begin it — small. It is our little sister or brother, and it needs our protection.

At the surface level of our thoughts, most people have not yet sensed the significance of the unborn. But deep in our hearts, we already do. That inner love has to be awakened.

This is one of the Bengali posters:


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