Photo Exhibition on Bengali New Year’s

On the occasion of Bengali New Year’s Day, April 15, 2015, Viswakamal participated in a Bengali cultural function held in South Kolkata. Viswakamal members created a photo exhibition in the entranceway to the auditorium, where the photos were seen by all who attended. Here are two of the sixteen photos displayed, and a Viswakamal banner:

Many of those in attendance were happy to learn of the work of Viswakamal, and expressed solidarity with Viswakamal in its efforts to save the unborn children of West Bengal (1500 of whose brief lives are ended every day by abortion). Here one of the attendees (on the left) talks with Ujjwal Ghosh and Swagata Banerjee of Viswakamal:

And here a visiting family poses with Ujjwal Ghosh:

(Apologies for the quality of the event photos. For technical reasons we could not use our camera and had to use a mobile phone.)

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