Kolkata (Calcutta) Street-Corner Event to Raise Consciousness, Support the March for Life

We of Viswakamal had to brave some rain on the way to the event today, but not the bitter cold that our comrades-in-arms may face in Washington, DC two days from now. (See previous post about the March for Life and about our event.)

At least thirty Viswakamal members and supporters turned out; and many passers-by, as well, paused long enough to get the message or pick up a leaflet. The talks could be heard through the loudspeakers within a block’s radius of the busy intersection. Seven Viswakamal members spoke, all in Bengali. The event ran for three hours. It was our first outdoor event.

Tapas Kumbhakar speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Group photo after the event. Front, second from right, is emcee Swagata Banerjee.

Through social media, we can greatly extend the reach of today’s message — the message that Kolkatans stand for life. Please share!

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