Viswakamal Conducts Its First Seminar

Saturday, November 21st, saw the first-ever seminar to be held in the history of the Viswakamal Welfare Society. It took place in the home of a couple who are Viswakamal members, in the Behala neighbourhood of Kolkata. For this first occasion, attendance was by invitation.

Mr. Kali Shankar Mukherjee was the guest of honour and the first speaker. He was followed by Viswakamal secretary Ujjwal, and another member of Viswakamal. Besides the two Viswakamal speakers and the host and hostess, one more Viswakamal member was in attendance, while the audience consisted of six women of different ages, and three men all of about forty years in age. The presentation was well received. The audience especially responded when we showed a short video from Ireland,¬†accompanied by a running translation into Bengali and an explanation of the term “pro-choice”.

Photos will be uploaded soon.

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