Kolkata (Calcutta) Street-Corner Event to Raise Consciousness, Support the 2017 March for Life

Passers-by study our leaflets

The Viswakamal Welfare Society believes in “speaking out for the born and unborn children of India, and assisting their parents.”

We believe that society must be fully active in preventing unwanted pregnancies, through contraception and education. Society must be fully active in caring for any children whom the parents cannot care for. In these ways we will be able to avoid a large population of uncared-for children.

But once any child has been conceived, it is a member of our human family. Just as we do not kill poor children on the street, abortion as a way of dealing with poverty is never a just solution.

Yet in West Bengal alone, every day, about 1500 unborn children are aborted.

On Wednesday, January 25, fourteen members and supporters of Viswakamal gathered on S.P. Mukherjee Road, Hazra More, to reach out to passers-by. We gave our leaflets to the passers-by and engaged them in discussion about the humanity of unborn children, and about the abortion situation in West Bengal. Several of our members addressed the public through loudspeakers. All the talks were in Bengali.

Informing the public

The location was a strategic one provided by Viswakamal supporter S.P. Singh. The event ran for three hours, and was our fourth outdoor event.

Viswakamal wishes to express solidarity with similar pro-life movements around the world. The January 25 date was selected to express support for the March for Life in the US, which will be held on January 27 this year. Every year in Washington DC, almost half a million people face the bitter cold in order to protest the practice of aborting defenceless unborn children. It is the biggest annual pro-life event in the world.

Jan 22, 1973, was the date of a court ruling in the US declaring that the various state governments had no power to protect unborn children from abortion in any meaningful way. Every year the March in Washington, DC seeks the overturn of that decision. But the more fundamental purpose of the March is to raise consciousness about the humanity of the unborn.

Through social media, we can greatly extend the reach of the message we sent yesterday. Please share!

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