Kolkatans Are Responding Positively to the Pro-Life Message

On Saturday November 12, five members and supporters of Viswakamal gathered in Bagbazar, Kolkata, to reach out to passers-by and conduct a public-opinion survey on abortion. The location was a good one, the same location where over thirty of our members had gathered for a rally on January 20. The November 12 event was a continuation of the pioneering survey work commenced in Hazra on August 5. The event ran for four hours, from 1 pm to 5 pm.

Again the question asked was:

“Can we support abortion in a humanitarian light?”

While asking the survey question, we also, whenever possible, engaged passers-by in further conversation about their views. The public were attracted to our YES and NO signs, an idea for which we thank Justice for All and Equal Rights Institute.

Of those passers-by who responded to the survey question, giving their names and phone numbers, 90 replied NO and only 6 replied YES.

A passerby says "No" to abortion

Do such positive results show that Kolkata is the most ethical city in the world, or do such results have to do in part with our survey methodology? Well, we hope that Kolkata is the most ethical city in the world. But even from a distance our banners made it clear what our feelings about abortion are. So our event was more a form of outreach than a scientific survey. In the future we may aim for a scientific survey (while continuing our outreach, separately). Meanwhile, we are already planning for more events like today’s in different parts of Kolkata.

As with the January 20 event, this time we were again equipped with a sound system. Our speeches could be heard through the loudspeakers within a block’s radius of the busy intersection.

Hitangshu explains to the public the work of Viswakamal

Renting the sound system is the most expensive part of such events. Please come forward with some financial help if you can. Contact us at viswakamal.ws@gmail.com, or on the telephone at 9883242052, 9062384579 or 7003088185.