A Pioneering Public-Opinion Survey Begins

On Friday August 5, twelve members and supporters of Viswakamal gathered on S.P. Mukherjee Road, Hazra More, to reach out to passers-by and conduct a public-opinion survey on abortion. The location was a strategic one provided by Viswakamal supporter S.P. Singh.

We do not know of any previous opinion survey on abortion in Kolkata. Indeed, there has been no other such opinion survey anywhere in India that is within our present knowledge.

The question asked was:

“Can we support abortion in a humanitarian light?”

10 weeks of living and growing, but still a 3rd-class citizen

Of those passers-by who responded, giving their names and phone numbers, 73 replied NO and only 2 replied YES.

We will continue the survey at the same location and different locations in the weeks ahead, and will ascertain the opinions of at least 500 Kolkatans. We will find ways to improve our survey methodology.

During the survey period, from 1 pm to about 4:30 pm, Viswakamal members distributed 600 leaflets and engaged passers-by in conversation about their views.

Swagata Banerjee at the table, as Ujjwal Ghosh and Saikat Ghosh distribute leaflets